September 11, 2017

Oxitoland – Active Anabolic Steroid

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The oxitoland is a powerful anabolic steroid which contains the oxymetholone. The chemical is a powerful ingredient in the steroidal compound oxitoland. The oxitoland is a popularly used anabolic and androgenic steroid which is used by both sports personnel and for medical usage. The steroid is also commonly known as an oral steroid. It contains an active ingredient and synthetic compound. The first description about this steroid was made by the scientists in the 1959 scientific paper. The scientists were a part of Syntex. They worked to create an anabolic steroid which can be primarily used for patients suffering with muscle wasting syndrome. This syndrome majorly observed in people suffering with HIV. Oxitoland is made in Paraguay.

The ingredient of oxitoland is oxymetholone. Oxymetholone has been popularly known for usage in clinical purposes such as treating anemia and osteoporosis. Anemia is a syndrome in which patients blood level and hemoglobin rate in blood falls gradually. Thereby, they experience weakness and fatigue. The osteoporosis is related to psoriasis and brittleness of bones. The bones and joints become vulnerable and swell due to this condition. Thus, in order to reduce these symptoms, the steroidal treatment is suggested. These steroid help to improve the muscle growth in patients who are malnourished and require good amount of strength.

Oxitoland is made in Paraguay. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Although, its usage is strictly monitored and advised for only medicinal use, but due to its good amount of advantages, it is often used by bodybuilders and fitness trainers too. Many professional trainers and sports personnel use this pill during their bulking cycles. Usually, a tablet of oxitoland comes in the form of 50 mg pill. Since, it is a potential steroid, its usage is advised to be limited to 40 – 50 mg per day. The pill is known to be potent among other androgenic steroids too.

Like every good thing, even this pill comes with certain side-effects. However, there is no doubt, if we abuse or overuse any good thing, it becomes unhealthy. Few common side-effects which are observed are: trouble in sleeping, diarrhoea, anxiety issues, breast swelling in men. Due to change in hormonal levels and working pattern of the body, these changes are likely to be observed. One should approach for medical attention, if the condition worsens. Some people are allergic and face conditions like breathlessness, swelling in parts of face, vomiting and fever. Worse side-effects which are seen in men are change in color of skin, erection of penis, painful urination, jaundice, stomach pain and nausea. For women, the side-effects may range from developing of male facial patterns, acne, hairfall, changes in menstrual cycle etc. however, one should remember to stop the usage of this pill, in order to avoid adverse situations.

The pills comes in the form of dosage of 50mg. Many bodybuilders who are not new to these steroids consume this dose directly. But, for some female bodybuilders and novice users, it is advisable to take half the tablet, that is 25 mg tablet only. Since, the pill comes in the form of tablet, it can be easily broken and consumed. You can take it in combination with water or any protein shake.

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