December 9, 2017

Truth a Body Builder Have To Know

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When planning to build body, mass, muscle or bulk, what many body builders prefer is the steroids. But, are they really informed about the actual truth? There are many misleading information about the steroids which are not true. So, when planning to use it, it is very important to get a clear idea about the product, what it actually does and not does.

  • A main misconception is about the spontaneous muscle growth. Here what you need to know is that a steroid aloe can’t result muscle growth. Work out is very necessary like weight lifting and others plus a healthy diet as well as proper amount of sleep and rest. A steroid will surely assist you here, but can’t do the entire job alone just by increasing testosterone in the body.
  • A very common myth that is circulating among people about steroids is that its usage makes the male sexual organ smaller. It is not at all true. There are cases where the testicular atrophy has happened which means shrinking of the testicles, but never in anybody has it resulted in decreasing the size of organ.
  • The truth about steroid side effects are misinterpreted by many and consider it is not that dangerous as what people say. But the truth is that because of its dangerous side effects, medical supervision is necessary but no doctors prescribe this unless there is any form of medical necessity. Even after taking recommended doses, people are at the risk of side effects like throwing off sodium, water balance, weight gain, water retention, mood swings, decrease in sperm count, increase in body hairs, clitoral growth in women, acne, skin turning oily, heart related problems, high blood pressure and several side effects that are dangerous.

What people like to justify is that anyways steroids are used by doctors to make a patient recover from injuries and so it can’t be dangerous at all and is very safe to use. But they hardly know that the type of steroids used for such purposes are entirely different from those which are used for body building and by athletes for performance. There are many misconceptions without any scientific evidence that people follow blindly. But anyways the truth that is proven is that it surely will help you achieve great muscle mass in short period of time than those who are not taking it. And also it is androgenic. It is also capable of producing other hormones such as estrogen and hence many male users experience mood swings, shrinking of testicle and all.

So, before believing all those False fact that steroids are magic that will transform your body like the way you want in just a night, do some research and accept the fact. Without your hard work, nothing can be achieved. It can just help you achieve you goal, again, if used properly. Take care of your health, talk you your doctor and always remember that your body is your responsibility and you should take care of it and help it from dangers and hazards.

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